Process Service Glossary


Slip off

Slip off is to stay away from location or capture and abstain from being presented with legitimate papers.

Conceptual of Judgment

Conceptual of Judgments are composed rundowns of a court judgment which states how much cash the losing litigant owes to the individual who won the claim.

Maltreatment of Process

Maltreatment of Process is carrying and finishing a common or criminal activity by illicit or malevolent methods, or documenting a bogus presentation of administration.


Acknowledge is to get installment which is late or not complete or the “administration” (conveyance) of lawful papers.

Acknowledgment of Service

Acknowledgment of Service can be performed by a cycle worker or by a lawyer, yet should be recorded as a hard copy. Ordinarily, a Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service structure is required.

Real Eviction

Real Eviction is the point at which an occupant is unfairly taken out from their premises and a landowner improperly denies them of admittance to their assets.

Testimony of Service

Testimonies of Service are composed records in which the underwriter swears after swearing to tell the truth before a legal official public or somebody approved to make vows that the announcements in the report are valid.

Specialist for Acceptance of Service

Specialists for Acceptance of Service are people who acknowledge a protest or other appeal without having the sheriff or cycle worker present. A Receipt and Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Service is generally required.

Application and Order for Appearance and Examination

Applications and Orders for Appearance and Examination are orders requiring an indebted person to show up in court to outfit data about their advantages.

Resource Searches

Resources are things or property with money related worth and are appeared in accounting reports, inventories, and probate bequests and in divorces. Kinds of benefits incorporate records receivable, fixed resources, fundamental hardware, structures and intangibles.


Foundation Investigation

Foundation examinations and record verifications are performed to discover important data about people or organizations that lead to effective help of cycle.

Bank Levy

Bank demands are court orders permitting leasers to take cash from a people financial balance to fulfill an obligation.

Seat Warrant

Seat warrants are orders given by an appointed authority for the capture of a person.


Common Process Server

Common Process Servers are utilized to record Civil Lawsuits or Divorces in a courtroom in the interest of law offices, lawyers and enterprises and tell respondents when an argument has been documented against them. Common Process Servers likewise serve Subpoenas, Summons, Complaints and other lawful and touchy records.


Grievances are the primary records documented with the County Clerk by an individual or substance asserting legitimate rights against an individual, or organization. The gathering recording the grumbling is the offended party and the gathering they are documenting the case against is known as the defendant(s).


Helpful is regarding a circumstance as though it were legitimately obvious, even without proof.

Productive Eviction

Productive Eviction is the point at which a proprietor swears off lawful removal and makes strides all alone to shield an occupant from entering or living in their unit. A few strategies incorporate evolving locks, killing the water, hindering the carport and in any event, nailing entryways and windows shut.

Valuable Notice

Valuable Notices are when people get a bogus notification despite the fact that it was by and by conveyed to them.

Disdain of Court

Challenging a court authority or respect can put you in Contempt of Court. On the off chance that you revile at an adjudicator, or exercise brutality against an official of the court, or don’t cling to a Court Order, you can be in Contempt of Court and be accused of a fine, or a short remain (overnight) in prison.

Court Filing

Court recording is the demonstration of submitting reports to the assistant or court for the court’s quick thought.

Court Order

A Court request is a choice made by an appointed authority, court ref, chief or judge that requests or coordinates something, or somebody to do.

Court Costs

Court costs are generally the expenses related with recording structures and carrying a case to court.

Court Services

There are a few Courts in the United States, Family Court, Criminal Court, Appellate Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, and so forth. Each Court is administered by state and neighborhood laws and hears cases individually.



Defendant(s) is/are the gatherings being sued in a common claim or the individual being accused of a wrongdoing in a criminal indictment. In a separation, a litigant is alluded to as a respondent.


Tirelessness is a palatable measure of consideration in an issue. It is a reasonable endeavor. A case of tirelessness is a cycle worker’s expected perseverance in finding and serving somebody legitimate papers.

Disintegration of Marriage

See: Divorce


The end of a marriage by lawful activity, requiring an appeal or protest for separation (or disintegration in certain states, including California) by one gathering. A few states actually require in any event a negligible appearing of shortcoming, yet no-issue separate is currently the standard in which “inconsistency” is adequate to allow a separation. The meaningful issues in divorces are division of property, youngster care and backing, provision (spousal help), kid appearance and lawyer’s charges. Just state courts have purview over separations, so the appealing to or grumbling gathering can just document in the state in which he/she is and has been an occupant for a while (as meager as about a month and a half in Nevada). In many states the period from unique seeking legal separation, serving the request on the other party and last judgment (or announcement) takes a while to take into consideration an opportunity to accommodate.